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For the Beefit of Those Who See by Rosemary Mahoney book cover

A writer who has been lavishly praised for her remarkable eye and gifts as a storyteller, Mahoney now turns her skills on those deprived of sight.  In the tradition of Oliver Sacks, she blends science, history and first hand reporting from schools for the blind in Tibet and India, revealing a fascinating and mysterious world.  In so doing, she changes the very way we see.


The New York Times: "A multilayered, utterly gripping account of life among the developing world’s large blind population..... Everyone knows that the loss of one sense strengthens the others, but to understand exactly what that means is not easy. Ms. Mahoney writes with an alchemy that actually inches the reader along to the point of comprehension."


More Magazine: "[Her] students, funny, touching, and admirable, transform Mahoney and delight us.  Her research is fascinating.  Her self-scrutiny refreshing and her prose just the right kind of gorgeous.  In this wonderful book we discover along with the author that both sight and its absence come with burdens--and beauties."-- Judith Stone.


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                              PRAISE FOR ROSEMARY MAHONEY'S WRITING:



"Whoredom in Kimmage is a superb book, the close and patient observation of a world by a writer whose highly developed consciousness expresses itself with ease, mystery, and grace."  --New York Newsday


"Whoredom in Kimmage is a delight . . .  an exquisitely funny book --- and it is the only funny feminist book--. . . . Mahoney has an effortlessly pretty prose style, and an uncanny eye . . .  a literary talent that amounts to brilliance . . ." -- The American Spectator


“Mahoney has an infallible ear for the spoken word and eye for telling detail.  Whoredom’s vignettes are encased in prose so pellucid and evocative that readers may want to stop and reread passages just to savor their rhythms and imagery.” -- Time Magazine


"Whoredom in Kimmage is a fascinating book: uncommonly well written . . ." --WIlliam Trevor


"Rosemary Mahoney has a wonderful ear and an alert, cutting sensibility . . . Whoredom in Kimmage captures some stunning shards of Irish life." --The New York Times Book Review


". . . Mahoney is brilliant at re-creating the cast of a face, the cadence of a line, the particular smell of a room. . ."  --Jonathan Raban


                                                 DOWN THE NILE: ALONE IN A FISHERMAN'S SKIFF

“[Mahoney] has a gift for revealing apparently unremarkable moments in such a way as to make them utterly engrossing.” -- The New York Times Book Review

“Mahoney’s Nile is worthy of awe… the book unfurls a poetry of perception.” -- Cleveland Plain Dealer

“. . .Such a beautifully precise writer and such a compassionate observer.” -- Entertainment Weekly

“Mahoney’s flair for description coaxes reverence and wonder. . .” -- San Francisco Chronicle

“Rosemary Mahoney is the best travel writer since Freya Stark, and since Stark is dead, Mahoney is singular in her field… her narrative fascinates.” -- Provo Daily Herald



                                       A LIKELY STORY: ONE SUMMER WITH LILLIAN HELLMAN

“This brave and heart wrenching book is the final evidence that, as far as writers go, Mahoney is the real thing.”-- Newsday


“[An] endlessly fascinating book.” -- The New York Times Book Review


“Heartbreaking and hilarious, Mahoney’s sharp prose illuminates the memoir of lost innocence and fallen idols.” --Minneapolis Star Tribune

“. . . An exquisite writer…the beautiful way she tells this story lifts it far above the typical tell-all book about a famous person. There’s a deep, haunting quality about her words that stays with you.” --Tampa Tribune





". . . Delightful. . .  Mahoney presents scene after exotic scene with such wit and precision.  And the characters, some of whom made me laugh out loud, all shine with their own particularity and quirkiness.  I am full of admiration for this unforgettable and important book."  --Elisabeth Gitter, author of The Imprisoned Guest

“Rosemary Mahoney is one of a handful of nonfiction writers so original and so surprising that I look forward to each new book with an excitement bordering on impatience. . ." --George Howe Colt, author of The Big House

 “What a terrific and terrifically interesting book.  Reading these pages, my world grew wider, my brain larger.  Rosemary Mahoney is such a wonderful guide through her material. . .”  Margot Livesey

"With her wonderfully sharp prose and great sense of humor and humanity, Rosemary Mahoney has written a riveting narrative that combines world-class reporting, science, history, and travel writing. . . This joyful, thoughtful book took me on an emotional journey and introduced me to people I'll never forget.” --Will Schwalbe, author of The End of Your Life Book Club



                                       THE SINGULAR PILGRIM: TRAVELS ON SACRED GROUND

“Mahoney once again proves both resourceful and fearless…[She] worries that her sharp tongue and short temper make her an unfit pilgrim…but these are the qualities that make this such a bracing and pleasurable book.” -- The New York Times

“…Mahoney’s eye for details and her descriptions of people… are simply stunning.” -- The Providence Journal

“Full of humor and high adventure.  Mahoney’s eye for the profane, the worldly, and the foolish intrudes at every turn, often to great comic effect.” -- The Christian Science Monitor

“Mahoney has an unblinking eye…a writer’s writer, she has a poet’s gift for striking images.” -- The Washington Post

 “With each chapter, the reader is newly amazed at Mahoney’s sure stride and stirring rhythm, . . . and her willingness to reveal her own conflicts and heartache.” -- Speakeasy




                                              THE EARLY ARRIVAL OF DREAMS: A YEAR IN CHINA


“What marks Ms. Mahoney’s writing as special is her ability to see, feel and describe in simple but evocative prose … her choice of language is so right and so graphic that one almost has the sensation of watching a film.” -- Orville Schell, New York Times Book Review

“The Early Arrival of Dreams must be compulsory reading for anyone at all interested in modern China.” -- Times Literary Supplement


“The people Mahoney befriended…are as vivid as characters in a novel, and readers of this memoir can feel what daily life in China really entails.” -- Chicago Tribune

Whoredom in kimmage by rosemary mahoney book cover
The Early Arrial of Dreams a year in Chine by Rosemary Mahoney book coer
a likely story one summer with Lillian Hellman by rosemary mahoney book coer
The singular pilgrim travels on sacred ground by rosemary mahoney book cover
Down the Nile alone in a fisherman's skiff by Rosemary Mahoney book cover

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